The Best Gifts for Your Boyfriend: A List of Amazing Gift Ideas

gift ideas boyfriend

Whether he’s willing to admit or not, every guy loves his birthday. Some love how the whole day is about them and others hate how it symbolises that they’ve just become another year older. Regardless of which category your man falls under, one thing all guys have in common is a love of receiving gifts. After all, who wouldn’t want free stuff? Trying to find the right present for him can be difficult at times, but if you stick to the basics, you should have no problems coming up with a list of amazing gift ideas.

Most of the time, your best bet is to buy him some sort of gadget. For great gift ideas in your price range, take a quick look at any electronics retailers website and see what’s being promoted on their main page. You’ll want to focus your search on smartphones and tablets. If you know he’s happy with what he’s already got, then download a bunch of apps you think he’d might like and put them on a USB stick for him.

You might also want to look into electric razors and body groomers. As much as women hate shaving their legs, men hate shaving pretty much everything. As a result, guys are always on the lookout for a razor that shaves very well without hurting. Even men with beards do this, because pretty much all razors come with adjustable heads to make trimming easier. Never make gifts out of nose and ear trimmers, as this might embarrass him. If you really want him to shave those regions, buy him a full-body grooming kit so that they come as accessories to a bigger present.

You may have heard that clothes make for terrible gifts to give men, but this really isn’t the case. The problem is that many people buy what they want to see on their man instead of something he’d like to wear. Most guys don’t spend a lot on clothes, partly because they want what’s comfortable over what’s fashionable. If you really want to make him happy with clothing, buy him something he already wears often, only this time get him the version made by a known brand name. Chances are, he’s already thought about getting it for himself and just went the inexpensive route.

They say the quickest way to a man’s heart is to his stomach. Because of this, good gift ideas also include a day’s worth of food. Serve him breakfast in bed and later treat him to a quick lunch. Then, at the end of the day, either take him to his favourite restaurant or personally make him his favourite meal. Be sure to include a yummy slice of cake for dessert! Besides being a day full of tasty treats, this can potentially be a really inexpensive way to make him feel very special, since you’re basically giving him lots of little presents throughout the course of the day instead of one big one.

You aren’t limited to buying or making something for him, either. A fun way to change things up that’s quick, easy and very cheap to prepare is to write him a checklist of activities that you promise to do with him. This can range from bedroom naughtiness to watching his favourite movie with him.

Last but not least, never underestimate the appeal of cold hard cash. To avoid looking lazy or like you forgot to buy him a present, put cash in a card and be sure to specify that the money is strictly for him to do whatever he wants with it. If you find that’s too impersonal, you can also buy him a pre-paid credit card instead.

As you can see, there are many amazing birthday presents to choose from and all are likely to leave your boyfriend more than happy. The only real rule of thumb to follow is that you should try to buy him something he wants over getting him something practical (the only exception is when not already having that practical item causes him a lot of stress). This is because his birthday is his special day, so you want to spoil him with something fun and entertaining.

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